Building Wild Horses Mercantile

When 2020 rolled around my world (like many) turned upside down.  I couldn't stay in my New York City apartment and packed up to go home to Arkansas after 11+ years in the city.  I was doing freelance design work from home and some days even worked from my bed.  My wardrobe had been built for over a decade of running around New York City and was suddenly very useless.  I ended up ordering a few things to be more comfortable but was underwhelmed by getting up and getting dressed in the morning.  

I had been dreaming of Wild Horses Mercantile for years.  I have a background in fashion design and pattern design and had big dreams of local made products, ranging from apparel to handmade quilts, local artisanal foods, hand forged artworks, etc.  Big dreams! But playing by 2020 rules I said F*@k it!  I'm doing something now.

I was able to find made to order manufacturers that will use my graphic designs and illustrations to make clothes I'm excited to get up and put on now!  With these comfortable pieces I can work from the kitchen counter in the morning, move to the sofa in the afternoon, do a quick yoga session when I'm sick of staring at my computer, then go for a long walk in the afternoon.  I feel good when I look good and I want to share that feeling with everyone I can.